Methuselah MP

The longest serving MP of modern times was Winston Churchill who was first elected on 1 October 1900 and left the House of Commons in 1965.  His service as an MP was not continuous however.  Charles Pelham Villiers was the longest continuously serving MP. He was elected in 1835 and remained an MP continuously for over 62 years until his death on 16 January 1898, aged 96 years 13 days.

The outgoing father of the house is Ken Clarke, who recently received the title at the death of Gerald Kaufman. This largely ceremonial title is given to the longest serving MP in the house and is only really important during the election of the speaker. Bolsover MP Dennis Skinner was also elected at the same time as Clarke in 1970 but Clarke was sworn in first.  Skinner said he would not take up the title if it fell to him.  It is likely it won’t although both men are standing again in 2017.


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