Election Summary September

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There were lots of elections in September and depending on your point of view and possibly whether you live there or not you may feel they were significant.


Nearly 3 million (78%) voted in a knife edge election.  The Conservative second largest party was able again to form a coalition with right wing populist “Progressive Party”.  Important issues in the campaign were taxes, energy and immigration policy.

System – List (19 multi member constituencies ranging from 4 to 19 members)

Turnout: 78%


This September also saw the election of the 21 strong Aruban Estate (parliament).  This former Dutch colony is a tourist trap and much of the politics revolve around identity and the implications of tourism.

System – List (1 national wide district for the 21 seats, interestingly according to the Caribbean Election centre parties can list up to 29 candidates!)

Turnout: 82%

Russian Gubernatorial and Regional Election

16 Governors of Russian regions were elected (plus one appointed by the state assembly).  All winning candidates were from Putin’s United Russia.

United Russia also dominated in the Regional elections.  There are 6 different types of region which collectively make of the 85 “federal subjects of Russia”.  In September there were 6 regional elections and United Russia dominated in all 6.

System:Governors – Run off, Regional: List(10), FPTP (75)

Turnout: Regional – 71% – 12%

German Parliament 

This hotly anticipated election saw Merkel lead her party to a fourth consecutive victory in the German parliament.  Having ruled out a coalition with the breakthrough 94 seat strong AfD, Merkel is currently seeking out what is being called a Jamaica coalition (Yellow, Black, Green).  This likely agreement this will replace the previous so-called grand coalition which had been ruled out by the leader of the socialists Martin Schultz previously.

Much was made in the press about the the success of the right wing nationalists AfD.  The party only won 3 constituency seats, all within Saxony but the proportional top up awarded them an additional 91 seats making them the third largest party in Germany.

System: Mixed Member Proportional

Turnout: 76%


Of the 33 strong legislative council only 14 are elected.  The pro Beijing parties dominate with the pro democracy parties gaining 4 seats from elections and none from the other 19 appointments.  The directly elected representatives are elected by proportional representation.

System: PR

Turnout: 57%

New Zealand

After nearly a month of negotiations the Labour party struck a deal putting them in coalition with New Zealand First.  The Greens would lend supply and confidence to bolster their agreement.

System:  Mixed Member proportional

Turnout: 79.8%


The independence referendum for Iraqi Kurdistan took place against the wishes of both the Iraqi central government and the international community for fears of sectarian violence.  The question was simply “Do you want the Kurdistan Region and the Kurdistani areas outside the region’s administration to become an independent state?”.

Unsurprisingly result was overwhelmingly in favour of independence at 92%.

Turnout: 72%












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