Federal German Elections 1961

This ballot is for the (Bundestagswahlkreis) constituency of Plon Eutin/Nord for the 1961 (Bundestagswahl) Federal election.  The stimmzettel or ballot paper shows the same system Scotland uses (additional members).  Constituency vote on the left and regional proportional top up on the right.  Schleswig-Holstein today has 11 electoral districts.  Plon Eutin/Nord is now part of the District 6 not 7 and officially called Plon/Neumunster.

The Seat was won by Christian Democrat (CDU) Heinrich Gerns who had held the district since 1049 died 2 years after winning in 61.  The seat is currently held by Philipp Murmann of the CDU.



The next German election is on september 24th  2017.


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